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  • 【初一英语作文】《You are my sunshine》_250字

    You are my only sunshine, You'll be warm in my world, You're like a ray of sunshine, To light all the darkness in my heart。 The left shoulder is close to the heart, The arrow of love hurts th阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My classmate》_2000字

    From kindergarten to primary school to middle school, I know a lot of students and have made a lot of friends. There are good, bad, helpful and kind-hearted... I am impressed by the student. A blac阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My classmate》_2000字

    In my mind, there is a classmate for my unknown good classmates, now, we are in junior high school, and we are separated, but I still remember some good memories between me and him. But there's one阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My classmate》_3000字

    Let's start with a condition! Don't laugh. If she's heard, she'll use violence! She did! Is my deskmate and good friend and best friend. And...... well, our relationship is very complex. We jus阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The weekly diary》_1200字

    I steered the boat in the world, is very slow, but very practical, a vast sea, when darkness looms over the ocean, when the last ray of the sun on the sea. I was driving the boat all alone, watching阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《English self introduction英语自我介绍》_1200字

    Dear teacher: Hello teacher, I am No. 2 students in the interview. First of all, my name is Yu Qingxin.i am 12 years old this year.I come from Lingqiao Primary School and later changed to Jinxin pr阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《22世纪的地球》_2000字

    In the morning, I was wakened by a loud noise, and I opened my eyes blearly. How come I don't even know myself? I said to myself, "where am I?" "You are now on the earth of the 22nd century," answe阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Introduce myself》_400字

    Hello , everybody my name is Jerry. I am a boy. I am 14 years old. I am from China. My school is long march middle school. I am in grade 8, class 2. I usually go to school by my father’s car. M阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《我们毕业了》_2000字

    As the minutes ticked by, six years of elementary school life finally came to an end. With the crisp, winding ringtone of the graduation exam, I suddenly realized that I had graduated and I was no l阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Jujube tree》_1200字

    My family has a tall jujube tree. It grows in my yard. I like this jujube tree very much. Spring, the recovery of all things, the flowers open, the jujube tree in my early already secretly yellow b阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《fire》_1000字

    What exactly is fire? Fire has two sides, but as long as people play and play with it, it does not release its violent side. The constant fire in the stove, accompanied by a burning fire, warms the阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《cold》_1000字

    With the passage of time, winter has quietly arrived, the temperature is also getting lower and lower! Wake up in the morning, I lift a quilt, a cold wind blowing the impact of coming to me, I trie阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The choice between life and death》_1200字

    Life and death are part of the whole life. Life and death are equal to each other. Life becomes a natural phenomenon in nature." It was Li Dazhao who wrote his life and death view in an essay. Death阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《heaven》_1000字

    As soon as I got up in the morning, I saw the dark clouds in the sky like the fair, full of the whole sky. Slowly, the rain was ticking and listening carefully. The rain was like a beautiful melody阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《childhood》_900字

    The pale yellow Twilight shone on her aunt and gave her a golden touch. She was playing with her brother, the hawk catching the chicken. She was the hen, standing in the front. I watched quietly, mo阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Shanghai---my hometown》_500字

    Shanghai is my hometown. Shanghai is in the east of China. It is an interesting and international city. There are many famous places, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum, People阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《That year, we spent the day》_1500字

    Remember that a few years ago, my fifth grade, our class went to dapeng military training, then hot, we wear two pieces of clothes, a pair of trousers, the coaches, let's practice a lot of things,阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The grinding gym class》_1000字

    "Ah!!! The leg is soft! Soft dead! The leg is a bit not like mine." Why is that? Because I had just finished gym class, the teacher asked us to leapfrog, jump about 300 meters, and now it's a bit阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My favorite movies》_400字

    Hello,boys and girls!My name is Jenny.I‘m 14-year-old.My birthday is on October 31st.I‘m a movie fan.I like action movie and science movie. My favorite actor is Jackie Chan.He is a great action acto阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《busy day》_450字

    Hello,everyone.My name is sarah.let me tell you about my busy day.In the morning,I get up at 6.Then I eat breakfast at 7.After breakfast,I have to run quickly to school,because I must be on time for阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Hug in spring》_1200字

    Spring is coming quietly by waking up everything slightly. All the creatures come back to life and start to grow. How wonderful the spring is! The rivers are running happily. The swallows are flying阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《My Happy Weekend》_400字

    It was Sunday, sunny and sunny, and it was a good day for a trip. I decided to go for a walk with my family. When I walked into the park, I saw a lot of beautiful flowers, small grass trees, happil阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《In a word》_1200字

    The teachers were gradually dispersed, leaving me alone in a chair, waiting. Out of the window leaves in the wind gently touched by a slight friction sound, as if the people into the natural primiti阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《Special belt》_1200字

    Today is mother's day, the little snake gold thinking about how to make money to buy gifts for my mother. She want to along while, finally thought of a good solution. Gold hurriedly walked to belt阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《I want to》_400字

    I want to become a rabbit jump in many places. To jump over the sea, mountains, jump, jump, jump to the big carrot. I want to become dolphins swam across many places. To swim across the Pacific Oce阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The scenery here alone good》_1500字

    Class is over, and two or three classmates together, walk in the sunset shining with the runway, revisit what class interesting scenes, chat again, arm in arm, walking on the runway for three or fou阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《A Boy And A Butterfly》_2000字

    At six days or foggy, see a little sunshine, in addition to the street lamp that a little bit from time to time in and very dim light, nothing can be used to illuminate the surrounding. At this time阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《The Rescue Story》_400字

    Kate has a dog. The dog is brave and smart. Last week, Kate with his dog----Pipy went to the river. Kate want to catch the fish, but he incaution fell down into the river. It was dangerous! Kate co阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《神?#26723;?#24819;象》_650字

    If I am a thief, see the topic, you may wonder, who want to be a thief? Who is not willing to do a aboveboard person, do a decent person, you may also want to: "is this person has a problem! Or she阅读全文

  • 【初一英语作文】《中国70周年礼物》_750字

    Pro, for anyone, are so sacred, so intimate. I know the greatness of the motherland is our mother, because each person's life, joy and happiness is closely related to the safety of his motherland,阅读全文


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